Mixing prints with caution!!

mixing prints

Whist I love to see others mixing prints, I’m a little more cautious when it comes to styling it on myself. I think it’s one of those looks that sits on the border-line between looking messy and stylish. You get it right and it looks well put together but with the slightest tweak too far it can fall completely flat. There are people who can effortlessly pull off this look but if I tried it I’d look like I’ve played Russian roulette with my wardrobe. Now, there’s a new styling technique I can try. Close my eyes and wear whatever I pull out of my wardrobe!

In this outfit I’ve been playing around with mixing prints. I’ve stuck to the fundamental rule and kept a constant colour throughout the patterns. ie. coral red in my top picks out the coral in my floral shopper.

Coral in all it’s varying shades seems to be my preferred colour this season as I’m also wearing it in this post here! mixing prints

In this look I’ve added the contrasting print in my floral bag. Accessories are my fail safe tip for mixing prints. I know of many stylish women over 40 who can successfully wear a top and bottoms in contrasting prints. Catherine aka Not Dressed As Lamb being one stylish lady who has effortlessly pulled this trend off in this post here. Yet I don’t feel comfortable when I try it – I feel a little mashed up and unkempt!

Accessories are my fail safe tip for mixing prints.

Maybe that’s just me, maybe not – I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! As I think up new material, for this blog, I’m finding I’m trying new ideas much more often so I’ll mark this trend as a work in progress. For the moment I’ll stick to my classic and co-ordinated, Gin and Tonic style boundaries. Although I wouldn’t say no to venturing into wearing a spotted scarf with a striped breton and leopard print wedges with a floral dress. Just as long as they have corresponding colours! mixing prints I love this vibrant striped top from Monsoon. It sits nicely between casual and smart casual. Worn with my frayed edge denim shorts and gladiator style sandals it’s casual enough for a pic-nic on the beach. It then transforms into a classy evening outfit when teamed with a pair of white wide leg trousers or crops. I’ve styled it in these photos, with my white jeans and red espadrilles and my bag from Aldo which is now out of stock. However check their new arrivals here. All set for shopping and lunch with the girls.

The only gripe I’ve got about off the shoulder tops is the pesky problem of them slipping off my shoulders. Here’s how to solve it:

I know I’m not alone as recently there’s been many how to videos doing the rounds on facebook. I’ve posted one here on my page. But here’s my step by step guide which pretty much covers what the video explains!

Take 4 safety pins and a couple of big elastic bands. If you find the rubber bands pinch a little use hair bands. Ensure they’re long enough to fit front to back under your arms. Fasten the pins to the front and back on both sides of your top see below. They need to make straps that will sit under your armpits. Ensure they’re pinned to seams to prevent the material tearing. Insert your arms so the elastic bands sit under your arm pits.

Et voila! – you can move you hands above your head without your off shoulder top riding up.

Sometimes the safety pins come undone, and believe me you’ll know about it! So I’ve only ever used this as a quick fix as I stitch elastic in the same way into all my off the shoulder tops. I’ve found it more comfortable! Why they don’t already come with this design feature is beyond me!

mixing prints mixing prints  mixing prints

I’d love to hear what you think about my print mixing and if you have any ideas that have worked for you. Don’t be shy about commenting below! Until next time my lovely stylistas – have fun putting the joy into your style!

Jo xx



Disclosure: this page contains affiliate links which means I may receive a tiny percentage in commission if you click on any of the links. This is not a sponsored link and all my opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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Summer Wedding Outfits on a Budget

summer wedding outfits

This year Mr “G n T” and I feel extremely privileged to have been invited to two weddings and gosh I’ve had some fun deciding on my summer wedding outfits.  Summer being the pivotal word. Here in the UK, who knows what the weather is going to do on a specific date. Both couples have opted to have the ceremony outside, if the weather allows. So they’re planning to wait and see and make the decision on the day. Urmmm, do I dress for hot sunny heatwave temperatures, rain and humidity, or breezy weather?

Fingers crossed I’ve got all seasons covered with these summer wedding outfits. Just so long as it doesn’t snow!

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Style tips for over 40’s – Don’t give up on a look you love because you think it doesn’t suit you!

Barely a season goes by without a few celebrities rocking the iconic jacket that typifies the Chanel Brand. Here’s my style tips on how to wear it when you’re an apple body shape like me.

From first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy wearing the pink Chanel jacket on the day her husband John F Kennedy was shot in 1963, to todays style icons Penelope Cruz, Beyonce and Cameron Diaz, this chicest of fashion pieces keeps coming back into season. It’s longevity is due to its straight shape, which compliments most figures. It has remained the same, just as Coco Chanel originally designed it, with the intention of easing women away from the slim-fitted and sometimes restrictive silhouettes of the 1950’s.

I’m a timeless classic kind of girl and oh boy have a tried over the years to get along with this effortlessly stylish jacket. I’ve tried it with a collar and without, cropped and longer. Accessorised it with layers of pearls but it never seemed to work for my shape. In stylist terminology I’m a “straight” shape.

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One wardrobe staple everyone needs to know about!!

Marks and Spencer Top

I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to get value for money out of everything I wear, but I must “fess up” I have in the past fallen into the trap of buying an item, with my heart (I LOVE IT), rather than with my head, and surprise, surprise it didn’t go with anything else in my wardrobe! Especially in the sales, the marketing hype and the fact that it’s a BARGAIN, used to influence me. Before I knew it I’d have yet another unworn item sitting at the back of my wardrobe until I found something to go with it, or I’d get a couple of wears before falling out of love with it and sending it on to the charity shop.

Note, I confessed to this being a habit from my past and can now say as well as LOVING IT, I now apply my “3 outfit rule” whenever I’m deciding on a newbie – no matter how much I LOOOOVE the item!!

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Monsoon Sale upto 50% off

I do like a bargain, especially when I get loads of wear out of an item. But it can be a hassle and not to mention brain numbing, scrolling down the masses of photos on the internet. So, I thought I’d save you a whole load of time by picking out the best sale items in the Summer Monsoon Sale  – (there’s even a gorgeous wedding dress in there). Just click on “continue reading” and if there’s anything you’d like more details on click on the photo.

I’m always mindful that alot of stuff in the sales are items that others, for whatever reason, have rejected. Usually it’s because of the colour or the fabric or quality isn’t what was expected. I’m ruthless when scrolling the masses, first looking for anything that immediately jumps out at me and then checking fabric for transparency and quality and zooming in on photos to check how the fabric falls on the model – if it stands off the model then it can only add bulk! I check the height of the model and make adjustments to see where items will sit on my 5ft 4ins frame in comparison to the model. I also look at reviews to get an idea on sizing and quality. When it comes to sales shopping it’s a mine field as there’s so much c**p out there. Scroll past my top picks for my top 6 rules for sales shopping…

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Denim with Paisley – this is no 70’s throwback!

Paisley isn’t normally my pattern of choice, for me it drums up images of the 70’s – flower power, hippies and overboard boho, but this sundress has completely changed my mind! Worn with my washed denim jacket (another 70’s throwback) the paisley print is my sophisticated “lime twist” in my ginky tonky!! (Gin & Tonic) – phew my word predict had fun with that one!! 

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Here’s a tasteful way to wear the embellishment trend.

Monsoon BagFrom beads and sequins to fringing and pom-poms, over-indulging on the embellishments seems to have been the cat-walks mode of preference for this season. “Way too much – embellishments are just not my cup of tea” I hear you cry! – Yep nor mine!! But bear with me, I surprised myself with this one and just a few more seconds of reading could give your look its own brand of fabulousness.

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At last a t-shirt that slims and doesn’t cling!

I’ve learnt that any item that catches my eye more than once when I go into a shop should at least be given the benefit of the doubt and be tried on. This t-shirt caught my eye a few times before I gave it a try and I sure am pleased I did. I have it in white as well as this black and white striped and both are turning out to be the most versatile items I’ve bought so far this summer!

  • Next Frill Hem T-shirtRuffle Hem T-Shirt – Next

White Ankle Zip Jeggings – Phase Eight

White Mayari Sandals – Birkenstock

Yellow Statement Necklace – similar

I’m a rectangular shape on my top half so normal t-shirts either cling in all the wrong places or

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